About Balassa


WartStick® is made by Balassa Laboratories, a family owned and operated company that proudly uses a proprietary formula dating back to an independent pharmacy in the 1930’s. While there may be larger companies out there, none possess a greater legacy of excellence or firm commitment to providing the best possible remedy at any price. Our longevity is just one testament to our proud heritage of delighting consumers from one generation to the next.

Joseph Balassa created the formula used for WartStick® and founded Balassa Laboratories in the mid 1930’s while working in his pharmacy. The product was an extremely effective corn, callus and wart remover and it became very popular. Mr. Balassa applied for his first trademark in 1937.

Nick DiGaetano started working for Mr. Balassa’s pharmacy at the age of 12 and became its delivery boy at the age of 15. Inspired by Mr. Balassa, DiGaetano became the first person in his family to go to college and he became a pharmacist. Having never started a family of his own, Mr. Balassa thought of Nick as a son and the two became very close while working at the pharmacy for many years.

When Mr. Balassa passed away in 1967, he left his pharmacy and his compete book of formulas, including the prized formula for his corn callus and wart remover to Nick. The book and other memorabilia are still cherished by Nick. Nick incorporated the company, and with the help of family members, especially his son Jim, Nick has continued to operate Balassa Laboratories, Inc. ever since.

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