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We think WartStick® is the best wart remover with salicylic acid because at 40%, it contains the highest strength allowed. It goes on dry and does not have the unpleasant odor of liquid salicylic acid preparations. It is painless, will not scar, and is easy to use.

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Read the WartStick® Story

Our family has been proudly making WartStick® for over 50 years. The origin of WartStick®, however, dates back even further.

My dad’s mentor, Joseph Balassa, invented the formula in the 1930′s: hence our company’s name, Balassa Laboratories, Inc.  My dad met Mr. Balassa when dad was 12 years old and he got a job washing floors at the pharmacy Mr Balassa owned. He knew dad was looking for work to help support his family. When dad was 15 years old, he became the pharmacy’s delivery boy and continued working there for many years.

Mr. Balassa was an outstanding pharmacist and although he compounded may formulas, his corn callus and wart remover was legendary and highly sought after.  Dad learned how to make Mr Balassa’s prized corn, callus, and wart removers back then.

Although none of my dad’s family had ever gone to college, with Mr. Balassa’s encouragement, my dad went on to receive his degree in pharmacy.  Mr. Balassa never married, so as he grew older, my dad was like a son to him and helped take care of him. When Mr. Balassa passed away in 1967, he left his pharmacy and the original and unique formula for his corn, callus, and wart remover to my dad.

Just as Mr. Balassa inspired my dad, so has my dad inspired me. Like the rest of my family, I share my dad’s passion for our business and its wonderful products, like WartStick®.

New wart removers come and go, but WartStick® and it’s unique formula has stood the test of time.  WartStick® has been used and trusted by millions of people for decades. Doctors continue to recommend it to their patients.  We are dedicated to continuing Balassa Laboratories standard of excellence, and preserving Mr Balassa’s legacy of helping people get rid of ugly, embarrassing warts.

Margaret DiGaetano M.D.

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