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Proven Wart Removal with Maximum Strength Salicylic Acid

Warts on your hands, fingers, or elbows can compromise your confidence. If they surface on your toes or the soles of your feet, they can cause substantial discomfort and disrupt your everyday activities. Eliminate them with WartStick – a trusted, fast-acting solution.

Our unique product boasts the highest possible concentration of salicylic acid – an impressive 40%. This ensures unrivaled potency, offering superior potency and ease-of-use than gels and liquids.

Endorsed by families for over 50 years, our pharmacist-developed formula has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness. Choose WartStick – your swift, reliable answer to unsightly and painful warts.

Advanced Wart Remover Stick

◊ Painless and odorless wart removal

◊ Gently peels away the wart

◊ Effective, and Fast Acting

◊ Great for Kids & Adults

◊ Trusted By Millions    Worldwide since 1937

Fast-Acting, Trusted Wart Removal

WartStick is your reliable solution for swiftly removing warts. Whether they’re on visible areas like your hands, fingers, and elbows, or painful spots like your heels and toes, WartStick works diligently to eliminate them.

Even tough-to-treat plantar warts on the soles of your feet are no match for its potency. By providing targeted treatment, WartStick helps restore your skin’s natural health and smoothness, all while relieving discomfort. It’s the potent, effective solution that brings you the relief you’ve been seeking.

No Mess, For Any Sized Wart

Warts come in all shapes and sizes, and WartStick is designed to handle them all. Whether it’s a small wart between your toes or a large plantar wart on your foot, WartStick delivers.

Unlike bandage-type removers that can’t be customized, or liquid products that can be tricky to apply, WartStick’s unique waxy formula lets you use just the right amount for your needs. With WartStick, you get a treatment that’s as unique as your wart.

Quick and Easy Application

WartStick wart remover comes in an easy-to-use stick form that lets you rub it on your wart without every needing to touch the product itself. Just a small amount and you’re good to go.

No Harsh Odors or Scents

One of the important features of our wart removal treatment is that it doesn’t require you to deal with harsh odors or smells on a daily basis that can be unpleasant or upsetting for kids and adults alike.

Long-Lasting Freshness

Each tube of WartStick is properly sealed when you put the cap on and has no expiration date. This means you can keep it in your bathroom, or keep it with you in a bag, purse, or even your desk so you can reapply it almost anywhere with no mess. After opening the tamper-resistant seal, a red band stays around the cap to remind you this is strong medicine.

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