• Active Ingredient: Salicylic acid (wart remover)
  • Inactive Ingredients: Castor oil, chlorobutanol, paraffin, rosin, yellow wax

WartSTICK® Drug Facts


  • For the removal of common warts, recognizable by the rough “cauliflower-like” appearance of the surface
  • For the removal of plantar warts, recognizable by their location on the bottom of the foot, their tenderness, and the interruption of the footprint pattern


For external use only

  • Do not use this product on irritated skin, on any area that is infected or reddened, if you are a diabetic, or if you have poor blood circulation.
  • Stop use and see your doctor if discomfort or condition persists.
  • Do not use on moles, birthmarks, warts with hair growing from them, genital warts, or warts on the face or mucous membranes.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. If swallowed, call poison control or seek medical help immediately.


  • Wash affected area.
  • If desired, soak in warm water up to 5 minutes.
  • Dry area thoroughly.
  • Apply a thin layer of wart remover to wart or a bandage.
  • Cover affected area with the bandage.
  • Repeat procedure every 24 to 48 hours until wart is removed (for up to 12 weeks).

Additional Instructions

  • Avoid getting WartSTICK® on normal skin surrounding the wart.
  • A nail file, pumice stone, or clean washcloth can be used to remove the softened layers of the wart between applications of WartSTICK®. Do not use this stone, file, or cloth on other areas, as that will spread the virus.
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