WartStick® Tips

Hello From Balassa Labs, the family company that makes WartStick® (formerly distributed by Pedifix). We want you to have success, so please read these tips on how to use WartStick® wart remover, as well as all Drug Facts on the box. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Use, and always see your health care provider if you have cause for concern about your condition.

Using WartStick® takes just a few easy steps:

1. Soaking the wart for 5 minutes is optional.

Some people find that soaking is helpful, so see what works best for you.

2. Apply WartStick® to the wart, but don’t put it on the normal surrounding skin.

If you do, just wipe it off. WartStick® is potent medicine, but it only works when it is left in place, so contact with normal skin for a short time is not a problem. Cold cream also works great to gently remove any WartStick® from normal skin. WartStick® is strong, so you only need to apply a thin layer.

3. Cover the wart with a bandage.

The type of bandage to use depends on the location and size of your wart. Band Aids work well, and you can choose waterproof Band Aids if the area is washed often. If your wart is large, such as a large plantar wart on the bottom of your foot, you can use medical tape. Use whatever kind and shape of cover or bandage stays in place best for you.

4. The next day remove the bandage or tape.

WartStick® makes the top layers of the wart peel away and turn white. It will help WartStick® continue to work if you remove these white layers before you apply more WartStick®. Some people use a disposable nail file or pumice stone to remove the loose white layers. It might be easiest to remove the white layers right after a shower or bath. Dry the wart thoroughly before applying more WartStick® and covering again. If you have trouble keeping the area covered all day, you can apply WartStick® while you sleep.   Since the wart virus can live on the stone or file, dispose of these carefully and don’t share them with others.

5. Use WartStick® daily until the wart is gone.

How long it takes depends upon the size and location of your wart. Fingerprint lines return when a wart is gone, but if the area you are treating does not have fingerprint lines, treat until the area is flat. If you follow these directions on how to use WartStick® wart remover, we are confident you will be pleased with your results.